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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is primarily utilized with children, ranging in age from two to twelve years of age. Although this treatment method is most often used with children, it can also be used with adults, couples, and families

Play Therapy can assist with but is not limited to the following:

  • Helping children communicate
  • Exploring repressed thoughts
  • Exploring repressed emotions
  • Addressing unresolved trauma
  • Personal Growth
  • Deal with abuse, domestic violence, change in environment, etc.

Therapists who utilize play therapy, assist children with exploring life events, which may have an impact on the children’s current life status. Through play therapy, the child is allowed to work through these life events at a pace that they chose and in a manner that is best suited to them. This includes through play and language.

When a therapist utilized play therapy, they utilize language that is on the child’s level. During sessions, the client is provided with materials that allow them to establish a safe relationship with the therapist and within the play setting. This allows the child to express themselves and explore areas such as feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors. Play Therapist utilized the language of children (i.e. play) to allow this to happen. Therapists utilize play therapy in one of two ways: directive or nondirective, allowing for the child to either receive direction from the therapist or allow them unlimited instruction and supervision to work through their issues on their own. Each play therapy session is unique to the individual.

Composed utilizing sources such as: GoodTherapy, Psychology Today, and Center for Play Therapy

Developed by Mary Baran, MA, LPC
Child & Adolescent Therapist

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