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What is Family Systems & How Can This Help Me or My Family?

Family systems therapy and theory is an entire field of belief and process about how to assist people with counseling concerns or behavioral concerns. One way to think about a personal problem is to focus solely on the individual.  Family systems therapists believe that although everyone is an individual, we are all also connected to our families genetic, environmental, social and systemic ways.   Therefore it is believed that a thorough understanding of family connections and background can greatly assist the therapeutic process in discovering the emerging best way to assist a client in goal accomplishment regarding any related concern.
Counselors trained in marriage and family therapy and theory are specifically trained in how to accomplish an analysis of issues from an individual and systemic assessment.  Various treatment processes and interventions are then employed to assist clients to achieve their therapeutic goals. Sometimes clients may be seen individually, while at other times con-joint couples therapy may be a better option for improving communication skills and working on dyadic concerns as a couple. Family sessions may be employed when working on concerns about a child or a teenager, or even and adult concern as it impacts the entire family. Often a combination of various modalities may be used over the course of therapy for best outcomes.
A unique advantage that One80 Counseling offers is the ability of variously trained professionals to consult and refer to one another in our practice in a manner that can create the best possible expertise to assist clients, their spouses or families.  We are proud and grateful for the collegial environment to work together as a team to help our clients accomplish their goals.  Our therapy team, when appropriate, is able to easily consult and collaborate with the client’s treatment team to help our clients have the best and most sustainable outcome.  Our corporate desire at  One80 Counseling is to help our clients improve the quality of their life and their family members lives.
Developed by Phil Guistwite,  M.Div, MS, LMFT, Clinical Fellow AAMFT ,  Clinical Director for Mental & Behavioral Health Services at One80 Coounseling