Consultations and Evaluations for Third Party Reproduction

Beth Cerrito-Cohen, PhD, PMH-C provides consultation and evaluation services for intended parents, prospective gestational carriers, egg/oocyte donors, known donor or known gestational carrier arrangements, and recipients of donor gametes (egg/oocyte, sperm, or embryo). Dr. Cerrito-Cohen has extensive training and experience working with reproductive mental health, including completing the training for Mental Health Professionals through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, completion of a 2-year fellowship specializing in Women’s Health, and working since 2010 within the field of reproductive mental health.

Whether you are just starting this process or have been on the fertility road for some time, decisions about your options for growing your family can be daunting. Utilizing third party reproduction can come with a range of feelings, questions, decisions, and uncertainty. Similarly, making the decision about becoming a gamete donor or gestational carrier requires consideration, information, and support. Additionally, your fertility clinic, agency, or attorney may require that you receive an evaluation with a mental health provider. Meeting with a qualified and experienced mental health provider is an important step in the process.

Dr. Cerrito-Cohen can provide consultation and evaluation for the following:


Gestational Carrier Arrangements


Known Donor or Known Gestational Carrier Arrangements


Recipients of anonymous donor egg, sperm, or embryo


Prospective Gestational Carrier or Egg Donor Evaluations


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Dr. Cerrito-Cohen is a Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider in North Carolina. She is also a Licensed Psychologist in New York. Dr. Cerrito-Cohen received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2008 from the University of Rochester in New York. She completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in women’s health and a post-degree certificate in marriage and family therapy at the University of Rochester Medical Center prior to starting a private therapy practice in 2010. She completed training to obtain her Perinatal Mental Health Certification and has additional training from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for providing therapy and consultation to patients managing infertility, including those using third-party reproduction.

Dr. Cerrito-Cohen sees individuals (18 and older) and couples, specializing in the areas of perinatal, reproductive, and women’s health, including infertility or difficulties with fertility, pregnancy and post-partum issues, post-partum depression and post-partum anxiety, pregnancy/early infant/child loss, pregnancy after loss, complicated pregnancies (medical conditions, fetal anomalies, selective reduction), pregnancy termination/abortion, choosing single motherhood, lifestyle management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and educational consultations for third-party reproduction (use of a gestational carrier, donor gametes). 

Dr. Cerrito-Cohen also works with individuals to address depression, anxiety, panic, grief and loss, stressful life events/stress management, life transitions, relationship issues, coping with illness, weight management, and chronic pain. She is LGBTQ+ affirming and has training in writing psychological letters of support for gender-affirming procedures for transgender/gender non-conforming clients.

Dr. Cerrito-Cohen’s approach to therapy is “integrative.” This means that she draws from several different types of therapy (interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, client-centered, psychodynamic, family systems methods, etc.) to find what will best meet the needs of any given patient. She also strives to understand the person as a whole, including relationship and other environmental or contextual factors that influence your life and functioning.

Dr. Cerrito-Cohen believes that people have inherent strength and resilience and that during difficult times, it is an act of strength to lean on others or ask for help when it is needed. She views her role as a therapist as one of support and collaboration. Dr. Cerrito-Cohen will work together with you as you regain or discover your own strengths and develop solutions to the problems and concerns that are bringing you to therapy.