Our Mission

Leading From The Heart

Many of you know the mission at One80 Counseling is to be a place where anyone from any walk of life can find a therapist to treat their mental health needs. We meet this mission through the diversity in our team; diverse licensures, treatment areas, and therapists’ personal backgrounds. If you were unaware of this mission, please reference it on our homepage.

As the leader of One80, I am serious about our mission. But our mission goes even further than just this statement above. Our mission also includes 5 core qualities:

  • Professionalism & Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Humility

I am PASSIONATE about these 5 qualities in our leaders, admins, clinical directors, site leaders, therapists and myself included. THESE are truly what sets One80 apart from many mental health companies. I strive for all of us to live these qualities out in our workplace. These five qualities are also very personal as these are part of my core values as well. It’s my deep desire for anyone who encounters One80 Counseling, as a staff member OR as a client, to walk away feeling the company was operating excellently and professionally. I want people to feel respected and know that our team walks with integrity and humility. I believe leaders at One80 should operate with a servant heart. I believe the administrative team and the therapist team should meet the clients with the utmost respect and dignity, serving them in the most professional way possible. I do my very best to lead this company with the same servant heart because at my core I believe deeply in these five values.

Please familiarize yourself today with our mission and the core values of this company. I invite you to participate in practicing each value in this workplace and beyond. If you feel out of sync with our mission, I also invite you to have a conversation with me about this. Perhaps over a cup of coffee, we can explore if One80 is the best fit for you. I truly hope that it is. Be Well, Sarah

Turning Lives Around
Founder & President

The One80 Insider, our internal company newsletter, is regularly distributed to our team. The purpose of our newsletter is to build morale, colleague recognition, wellness strategies and tips, showcase team projects and blogs, highlight important announcements, and much more! Sarah Coates, LCMHC, Founder and Practice Owner, writes the cover story titled “Leading From The Heart” which serves as a personal blog and means of authentic, real-time communication of an important topic or relevant thoughts to be shared with the practice. Sarah’s hope is to lead from the heart, with deliberate authenticity and truth, while encouraging morale and thought-sharing.