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I’ve been choosing a word for the year for the last 6 years. An executive coach I met introduced me to the book “My One Word” by Ashcraft & Olsen, and I’ve been letting the universe (God) give me a word ever since.

My practice is this: about November/December I start randomly thinking about what my word for the next year will be. Sometimes it’s a fleeting thought of “Oh yeah I wonder what my word will be ?” Sometimes it’s intentional meditation. Last year I was lying in bed on Dec 30th and said in my mind, “Man I can’t believe I don’t have a word yet”. Out of nowhere, I sensed “Harvest”. I knew immediately that was my 2023 word. There’s no way to explain how I knew, but instead this incredible awareness that this word was given to me.

As a faith-based person, I usually seek scripture to see if there is any biblical relevance to the word. I also search the Webster’s dictionary and the thesaurus to infer definitions and relevant language.

Two weeks ago I was walking my dogs in the morning and pondering on what word the universe will give me for 2024. It was a beautiful morning and I said aloud, “Thank you God for your blessings to me, your MAGNITUDE of blessing is immense”.

I immediately knew in my spirit: Magnitude is my word of the year for 2024.

Choosing a word for the year gives me hope, helps shape my personal & professional vision, and really informs my outlook for the year.

Maybe you could give it a try.

You can find the book here:

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