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I popped in one of my new favorite coffee shops by the One80 Raleigh office on Six Forks earlier this week, BIGGBY Coffee. Have you visited? Love that place. The baristas are so friendly, and the coffee is yum. Had my first pumpkin-spiced latte of the season and it was so good. Anyway, I digress… but definitely go visit!

As I was leaving, I saw a display of books for sale and the book caught my eye because of the title – GROW. Plus, it had a sunflower and I just love sunflowers. It’s written by the Co-CEO of Biggby coffee, Michael J. McFall. The title struck me because I use my own “G.R.O.W” reference when doing business coaching or even therapy with clients. I promptly picked it up and went back to the friendly barista at the register to make my second purchase of the day. Later that evening I jumped right into the book, and the first chapter is about relationships in the organization and Leading with Love.

This resonated so because I really do strive to lead with love and grace. I don’t always get it right, but it is my core principle of leadership. People in organizations are human and that means we are imperfect. Humans will make mistakes and I think great leadership addresses those mistakes, guides with love to correct and allows the person to try again and do better. I do not believe in cutting people off at the knees when they make a mistake.

To me, a great leader facilitates change through love and shows grace when people fall. You may have also heard of my other belief: Do no Harm, but take No Sh*t. My other favorite topic besides coffee and therapy is boundaries. I believe boundaries are loving and necessary. I believe that leading with love and grace still includes boundaries. If a mistake is confronted with love and grace is extended, boundaries can still be set and enforced. To me, that is the total package, Leading with Love, Grace, AND Boundaries. Think on how you are leading with love, grace, and boundaries in your personal and professional lives this week.

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