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Leading From The Heart

“In this world, you’re either growing or dying, so get in motion and grow.”

Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football head coach

This is one of my favorite quotes in life and business. I really apply it to business and it’s a belief I hold close to motivate me to keep the company growing.

Since last July, we have been filled with lots of growth! Last year this month we launched office #6 in Wilmington. Happy 1 year anniversary to the One80 Wilmington team! I’m so thankful we were able to do this as we’ve met awesome team members who’ve joined us, already helped so many clients in the Wilmington area find quality mental health treatment and we’ve connected with many community partners there as well.

In November we merged two offices into a brand new larger Cary/Apex office. This merger has also connected us to many new awesome team members as we continue to serve many, many clients in the Cary, Holly Springs, Apex & Fuquay areas!

To continue on this forward growth pathway, I am excited to announce two new initiatives for One80! We will be launching SAIOP out of our Clayton office in January 2025. We are busy behind the scenes setting up this amazing program that is desperately needed in Johnston County. Thanks to Emily Fry, LCMHC, LCAS who is the clinical lead on this IOP program, for her nudging to do this and her growth mentality. I admire her passion to serve the addictions community.

Additionally, I’m thrilled to announce that we are adding med management services in late August! Hannah Nealey FNP, owner of Rapha Psychiatry & Wellness is partnering with One80 to provide med management to our clients who need this service and the people in the communities we serve. Much more info to come on this new line of mental health services at One80.

One of my fitness coaches says, “champions rest too”. I believe rest is also a key component of growth. We have to recharge and refuel in order to have the stamina to keep going & growing. My personality has always been: go go go, rest. Go go go, rest. But as my 92-year-old grandma, the daughter of a Wisconsin dairy farmer always said, “you gotta make hay while the sun shines”.

Hey team, Let’s go make some hay! Happy July!

Turning Lives Around
Founder & President

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