Leading From The Heart

Sometimes, therapists need therapy too. Let’s talk about being stuck and how to get “un-stuck”. There are plenty of times in our lives we feel stuck. Maybe you’re going through something right now and you feel stuck; stuck in making the next step towards a small or significant goal. So why are you stuck? You’re a therapist, you should be able to CBT your way outta that ish! (just kidding).

3 Reasons you’re feeling stuck right now and what to do about it:

    1. Fear of the Unknown. Let’s face it, even if you know your situation or struggle is crummy it feels safer to stay in it because you know what to expect. It’s comforting in a way to expect and know what’s coming, even if it’s sucking the life out of you. The unknown is uncomfortable.
    2. Fear of Disappointing Others. Your parents, your spouse, your partner, your friends or family – you fear their opinions or disappointment if you choose YOU and get unstuck. Remember, if you live by the opinions of others you will die by their rejection.
    3. Fear of Failure. We’ve all heard countless stories of musicians, actors, inventors, scientists, authors, & business people who failed numerous times before they hit the jackpot or finally did the thing that catapulted their success. Failures only help us to learn what not to do next time. Failure is an opportunity to perfect the craft. What if I fail? But darling, what if you FLY?!!

Whatever you’re working through in your personal or professional life these days and you’re feeling stuck in taking the next step, reframe your “what if” (FEAR) by saying, “What if (insert goal) is FANTASTIC” for me!

Turning Lives Around
Founder & President

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