Balancing Growth and Presence

Leading From The Heart

We encourage our clients to be vulnerable with others, with their families, with themselves… with us in session. But we know being vulnerable is hard. I think good leaders should be vulnerable too. Vulnerability to me demonstrates humility, humanity, and approachability. A leader who doesn’t hold those characteristics is ineffective in my opinion.

There has been some chatter this summer that One80 has become too corporate, too large, too busy. I wanted to take a minute to speak to the chatter because I find these comments honestly a little hurtful. Yes, One80 has 7 locations. I would love to see us impact other communities and grow more offices. Do I know that’s a huge undertaking, as we’ve already undertaken 7 and its tremendous work?! Yes again! My heart has always been and will always be, to love people and help them. Help them to turn their lives around. With multiple locations and many therapists, we can reach more of the masses. We can help SO many more people with a larger footprint. I remember during the pandemic I burst into tears when I was told we saw 600 clients the first week of telehealth. That’s A LOT of people. These weeks we see upwards of 1800-2000 clients a week. Yes, that’s busy. Yes, this is large, but just LOOK at all the people who are turning their lives around because of us helping them! I think there is also a part of me that takes offense because I equate corporate with greed. I will always be a “people over profit” individual. My personal life motto is “Love God, Love People”. Greedy corporations don’t love people, they love profit. That is not who I am nor the way I lead One80.

I am also striving to keep us intact as we grow. Lou Holtz said— ‘In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.’ We are in motion. You are in motion. We talk about rest and recovery with our clients, and that is important. But if we become stagnant … well then, we’re not in motion. We must stay in motion professionally, i.e., training, continuing education, consultation, supervision, and connection with one another. We must stay in motion personally, i.e., health, wellness, spiritually, financially, and relationally. One thing that is harder for me as we grow is being present in all the offices consistently. A therapist that has been with One80 for many years said to me recently that they remember when we were just a handful in two offices, and everyone knew everyone. I recognize that it’s impossible for 100+ therapists in 7 offices to know one another on a deeper level. But, that is why we’ve named Site Directors who are in-office leaders that can help to be the connectors. This is why the Clinical Directors run consult groups. We CAN know one another if we try to be involved and connect. I say all the time and I emphasize again; you can ALWAYS reach out to me. My cell phone is printed in many places and in The Staff directory. Please do not think I’m unavailable. I see some of you often, and others I rarely see because our schedules overlap – but I’m only a phone call or text away. Not snap chat- I just can’t get the hang of that. Ask my daughters!

We may grow more locations in the future. We may not. But I do know that we will always strive to grow better internally for each other as we practice together. Each office location has taken on its own unique personality and to me that is so very cool! Yet, we are still One team. The One80 Team. We are truly better together!

Turning Lives Around
Founder & President

The One80 Insider, our internal company newsletter, is regularly distributed to our team. The purpose of our newsletter is to build morale, colleague recognition, wellness strategies and tips, showcase team projects and blogs, highlight important announcements, and much more! Sarah Coates, LCMHC, Founder and Practice Owner, writes the cover story titled “Leading From The Heart” which serves as a personal blog and means of authentic, real-time communication of an important topic or relevant thoughts to be shared with the practice. Sarah’s hope is to lead from the heart, with deliberate authenticity and truth, while encouraging morale and thought-sharing.