Brynna Arnold


Brynna is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, a National Certified Counselor, and a Certified Crisis Worker. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida State University.

Brynna specializes in treating adults and adolescents who are experiencing panic attacks/panic disorder, suicidality and non-suicidal self harm, generalized anxiety, and trauma/ secondary trauma. Prior to working with One-Eighty Counseling, Brynna worked as a trauma therapist for children and adults, as well as a Crisis Counselor answering The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Helpline 2-1-1, the Florida HIV/AIDS hotline, and the Family Health line. Brynna has worked extensively with survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, as well as with adults and college students/ young adults experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use and dependence, spiritual concerns, and relationship and adjustment concerns.

Brynna uses a multi-faceted approach to counseling, embracing a strengths-based model of hope that draws from a person-centered, attachment-based lens of treatment. She implements a variety of interventions based on each client’s individual needs, including but not limited to solution-focused, emotion-focused, memory reconsolidation, DBT, CBT, and various trauma-informed interventions. Brynna strives to create a warm, inviting space that allows clients to safely explore life’s stressors and crises, identify solutions, and facilitate healing. She adheres to the belief that each client’s course of treatment should be individualized and based on individual strengths, identity, culture, worldview, and unique external and internal environments. Brynna believes each person has the capability of moving towards the future they want for themselves, and she enjoys partnering with clients as they embark on their journey of self-empowerment and discovery.