Adeyosola Bass

Adeyosola Bass is a Licensed Clinical Work Associate. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Social work from NC A&T State University and a Master’s in Social Work in 2015 from Case Western Reserve University. With her Master’s education, Adeyosola worked as a Qualified Professional to those in Intensive In-Home Services for about 3 years and also completed a year and a half doing Clinical work for a Mental Health Agency (Turning Point Family Care) as an Outpatient Therapist, while working with adults and children. Adeyosola has 11 years of experience in Social Services, and has worked as a Social work Advocate, Case Manager or Therapist with various corporations like The Salvation Army (shelters in The Bronx, NY and Raleigh, NC), Haven House, Passage Homes, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Project CATCH, Circle of Parents, Quality Care Solutions and Hope services. Whilst at these agencies, she provided Mental health care via treatment planning, case management, crisis planning and intervention development and symptom management services to children and their families 5 to 18 years of age.

Adeyosola’s focused areas of interest are: Anxiety, Depression, Homelessness, Case management and African American Rights & Advocacy with experience in several other areas of Mental health care. Adeyosola’s approach to care is relaxed, open and direct communication as well as a collaborative, empathetic approach towards each and every client. Adeyosola feels the need to build a trusting, safe and easy therapeutic relationship with her clients, making it a priority, therefore client engagement is one of her best qualities when working with individuals and families. Adeyosola utilizes several approaches when providing interventions to her clients including strengths-based, person-centered and solution-focused as deemed appropriate and efficient. Adeyosola views each client’s case as unique and goes over and beyond to work towards committing and maintaining positive change in each individual’s life. Adeyosola takes pride in treating each client as an individual and her down-to-earth approach is heightened by her past experiences as an advocate for her local community.

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