Lynne Daack


Lynne is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and Nationally Certified Counselor. She earned a Master’s degree in Counseling from Wake Forest University and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Colorado.

Lynne believes that everyone possesses the unique ability to heal, knows themselves best, and has the resiliency necessary for healing. The foundation of her counseling approach is in person-centered and relational theories. Lynne provides a space where the client is invited to collaborate with her and she strives to create a compassionate therapeutic process. Her approach is holistic (taking into account mind, body, and spirit) and centered around the client’s individual needs. Lynne believes that empathy, authenticity (genuineness and realism), and acceptance are key to change and healing. She uses evidence-based therapeutic interventions such as CBT, DBT, and strengths-based approaches. She utilizes EMDR in the treatment of trauma. By navigating clients through examinations of past and present experiences, her intention is to help others develop new insights, see patterns, create healthier coping skills and relationships with self & others, and find ways to have a more fulfilling life. Her approach is adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.

Lynne’s clinical and research interests include women’s issues, anxiety, depression, self-worth, relationship issues, grief and loss, stress management, and the development of wellness and mindfulness practices.