COVID Resources

Dealing With Coronavirus Anxiety: Expert Tips from Psychology Today

Cory Clark

Cory Clark M.Ed, LPCA, NCC
This is a free resource from Be A Problem Solver, Inc. a company created by Dr. Cory and his wife Kate, a Pediatric Speech Pathologist.  They wanted to create resources for parents who are struggling with things like managing their child/teens screen use, social media use, social skills and emotional development.

Victoria Butler

Victoria Butler M.Ed., LPC
This is a free, parenting through COVID resource complied by Victoria Butler, LCMHC. 


Led by Victoria Butler, LCMHC

Every other Monday, beginning Sept. 7th from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm 
**Groups are Virtual

$25 per session

Register with Victoria directly at

Below is a list of the topics that will be covered each week:

Sept. 7
Establishing Structure and Appropriate Challenges for Children

Sept 21
Tips for increasing parent nurturing and engagement

Oct. 5
Strategies for parents to help children develop emotional processing and coping skills

Oct. 19
Ideas for parenting using music, arts and dance

Nov. 2
The Value of Play and Silence in parenting

Nov. 16
How to build family traditions of reading and exploring nature

Nov. 30
Spiritual practices for parenting