Andrew Mormann


As a licensed counselor focused on mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health, Andrew’s approach to therapy integrates viewing individuals in the context of people around them (Systems Theory), strengthening the intimate bonds in clients’ relationships (Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method), slowing down enough to “be” rather than just “do” (Mindfulness) and tailoring therapy to his clients’ needs, beliefs, and values (I-FAST). When the client desires, he can incorporate faith or spirituality into therapy.

In session and out, you can expect several things from him as your therapist. Whether you are an individual, couple, or family: Andrew is committed to helping foster love, acceptance, admiration, and respect in your relationships with others and yourself. Whatever part of your journey you find yourself in, be it communication issues, depression, anxiety, disconnection, anger, fear, hopelessness, or aimlessness, he is honored to join you and listen. On this journey, he strives to put you in the driver’s seat of your own therapy, while he rides along with you, applying a blend of compassion and wisdom with the goal of empowering you to your destination.

Julie Fann M.Ed., LPCA, NCC