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Top 5 things I wish I could tell everyone about Conscious Discipline

The North Carolina Play Therapy Board hosted Kim Hughes for our fall conference this year. Kim Hughes presented from Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline Model. Here are the top 5 takeaways I wish I could share with all parents. Connections, mental images of what to do, behavior, Neuroplasticity, and Love is the only thing that changes people ... (read more)

Preparing to Leave My Wife

After many months and a lot of thought and prayers, I made my decision. I walked out the door with nothing but my keys and the clothes on my back to a very important decision that would forever change my life. I walked into the building, listened to the discussion, and signed the dotted line. In less than two weeks I will be leaving my wife and my family behind. As I am preparing for this life ... (read more)

The Day I Almost Lost My Wife

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. My wife had what was supposed to be a relatively normal procedure, which would have required a bit of healing and walking around slowly for multiple weeks. However, after being home a few days, my wife had some complications. I received a frantic voice mail while at work. I canceled the rest of my meetings for the day and went straight to the hospital ... (read more)

Communication is a Funny Thing

Communication is a funny thing. Every time I ask couples in my office what it takes to communicate effectively, I generally hear very similar things. Listening is almost always listed as one of the top skills for effective communication. While some clients look at me with a blank stare and say something like, 'thats why we are here to see you!', others have a good understanding ... (read more)

Anxiety in Children and Teens

Anxiety is one of the most frequent reasons why parents seek treatment for their children. At One-Eighty Counseling it is common for my clients to present with social anxiety, separation anxiety, or at times generalized anxiety disorder. The good news is anxiety is one of the easiest disorders to treat in a clinical setting, and symptoms can decrease within a short amount of time ... (read more)

Be Broken Together

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing a lot of stuff about the Ashley Madison hack. This has sparked many conversations regarding the surprising names that have been found on that list, the most notably being Josh Duggar. Nearly everyday I hear of broken individuals and broken families because of extra-marital affairs, pornography, lying or a countless other ways ... (read more)

Scoring a Great Deal in Therapy

As a therapist, referring to my clients as "consumers" and thinking of the work that I do with them as a business transaction does not allow room for the humanity of our interactions and the genuine caring and concern I have for my clients. When we step back and look at a therapeutic encounter, however, on a simplified scale it is a professional relationship in which one ... (read more)

But You Were Just a Kid!

As a Sex therapist, I encounter shame in my office probably more than any other human experience. It is not uncommon for people to hold deep shame about certain childhood experiences, specifically The kinds of experiences in which the individual crossed what adults would consider a sexual boundary one or more times in the name of exploration ... (read more)

The Power of Your Words

I recently saw this experiment floating around the internet , where an apple was cut in half and separated into two baggies. One half was spoken to with kind, positive , encouraging words and the other half was told rotten, negative, angry statements. About a week later the apple spoken to positively was mildly brown whereas her other half, had begun to rot and wither ... (read more)

The Wide World of Gender Diversity

What began as wild speculation stirred up by the paparazzi has become the story of Caitlyn Jenner's gender transition, which will now be told via a reality television show documenting her journey to being a woman. Members of her family have made supportive public statements and media coverage appears to be emotionally neutral, although sensationalized as the media tends ... (read more)

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